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Get SASM ID List

Get SASM ID List


Removed with RTC+B Implementation

The purpose of this interface is to provide the means to request that ERCOT send a list of SASM Market IDs for a given trading date. The following table describes the request parameters:

Message Element Value
Header/Verb Get
Header/Noun SASMIDList
Header/Source Market participant ID
Header/UserID ID of user
Request/TradingDate Trading Date

The corresponding response messages would use the following message fields:

Message Element Value
Header/Verb reply
Header/Noun SASMIDList
Header/Source ERCOT
Reply/ReplyCode Reply code, success=OK, error=ERROR
Reply/Error Error message, if error encountered
Reply/Timestamp Identifies current ERCOT local time

SASM IDs found for the requested Trading Date