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Controllable Load Resource

Controllable Load Resource

The following diagram defines the structure of a Controllable Load Resource that could be included within a ResParametersSet, using the ControllableLoadResource tag:

ControllableLoadResource Structure

NormalRRCurveInterval Structure

EmergencyRRCurveInterval Structure

ControllableLoadResourceParameters Structure

The error tag is used to return one or more errors that may be the consequence of the failure of business or syntax validation rules for Controllable Load Resource submittals.

On submission, the following table describes the items used for a Controllable Load Resource change request.

Element Req? Datatype Description Values
mRID N String ERCOT assigned
ExternalId N String External ID QSE supplied
status N String Return status SUBMITTED, ACCEPTED, or ERRORS
Error/severity N String Error if any Error text
Error/area N String Error if any Error text
Error/interval N String Error if any Error text
Error/text N String Error if any Error text
resource N String Resource name
normalRrCurve/rrPoint/rampRateUp Y float MW/min
normalRrCurve/rrPoint/rampRateDown Y float MW/min
normalRrCurve/rrPoint/breakPoint Y float
emergencyRrCurve/rrPoint/rampRateUp Y float MW/min
emergencyRrCurve/rrPoint/rampRateDown Y float MW/min
emergencyRrCurve /rrPoint/breakPoint Y float
Details/maxDeploymentTime Y float time in hours
Details/maxWeeklyEnergy Y Integer max amount of energy a Resource is allowed to produce per week MWh value
Details /reason Y String text reason for changing parameters Description in plain text

The following is an XML example of a Controllable Load Resource: