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Get Reports

The purpose of this interface is to provide the means to obtain a list of URLs for reports related to a specific date range, and Report Id. The URLs can then be used for downloading the reports.

The request message would use the following message fields:

Message Element Value
Header/Verb get
Header/Noun Reports
Header/Source Market participant ID
Header/UserID ID of user
Request/StartTime Start Date & time of interest (Optional) **
Request/EndTime End Date & time of interest (Optional) **
Request/Option Report ID (Required) **

The following are the valid query combinations for getReports

  • Option & (StartTime & EndTime) – All reports for the requested reportID and time duration.

  • Option & StartTime – All reports starting from StartTime till now (currentDateTime) for the requested reportID.

  • Option & EndTime – All available reports till EndTime for the requested reportID.

  • Only Option – All the available reports for the requested reportID.

The corresponding response messages would use the following message fields:

Message Element Value
Header/Verb reply
Header/Noun Reports
Header/Source ERCOT
Reply/ReplyCode Reply code, success=OK, error=ERROR
Reply/Error Error message, if error encountered
Payload/Reports List of Report structures, where each Report identifies a number of data items including the URL where the actual report may be downloaded

The following structure is used within the payload to convey a list of reports:

Reports Structure

Element Data type Description Values
operatingDate date Operating date for extracts
reportGroup string Group name for reports
filename String Report file name
Created dateTime Date of report creation.
Size Integer File size in Bytes
Format string Report file format
URL string URL for http download


<ns1:Reports xmlns:ns0=""
        <ns1:reportGroup>60 Day Disclosure</ns1:reportGroup>