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Outage Scheduling Interfaces

The purpose of this section is to describe interfaces related to the creation, update, query, and cancellation of outages. These interfaces would be used by QSEs and TPs, as needed to support integration with their system.

Interfaces Provided

Interfaces are provided for the creation, update, query, and cancellation of outages by QSEs and TPs. The interfaces use a basic request/reply interaction pattern. The payload used for these interfaces is an 'OutageSet', which is a container that may contain zero, one or more 'Outage' objects.

Outage Scheduling Interface Sequence Diagram

Outages can be submitted by TP for transmission elements or by QSEs for resources.

There are also notifications sent to MPs when outages are created or changed. These are described in the Notifications section of this documentation.

Message Specifications

Outage Creation

Outage Query

Outage Update

Outage Cancellation