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NMMS System Generated Notices

NMMS System-Generated Notices

The following notices are Network Model Management System (NMMS) system-generated and they will display on the MIS website’s Notices page.  Additionally these notices are sent out asynchronously to the Market Participants Listeners.

The following table identifies the description, notice type, priority, audience, and text of the notices.



Type Priority Audience Text
1 Notifies the market participants that NOMCR and SAMR status changes are posted to MIS. Notification Med TSP

Auto forwarded by a Rule:

Status change for [SAMR/NOMCR/Interim Update] - Number: '[SAMR/NOMCR ID]', Name: '[Short Description]' to [New Status]

Below are the NOMCR details:

Market Participant Account       User          Energize Date      Short Description    Long Description


[MPName]                           [Username]    [Energize Date]   [Short Description]   [Long Description]

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