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Exceptional Fuel Cost (EFC)

Exceptional Fuel Cost (EFC)

During the Adjustment Period, a QSE representing a Resource may submit Exceptional Fuel Cost as a volume-weighted average fuel price for use in the Mitigated Offer Cap (MOC) calculation for that Resource. The following diagram describes the structure of an Exceptional Fuel Cost Bid:

EFC Bid Structure

The following table describes the items used for an Exception Fuel Cost submission:

Element Req? Datatype Description Values
startTime K dateTime Start time for bid Valid start hour boundary for trade date
endTime K dateTime End time for bid Valid end hour boundary for trade date
externalId N string External ID QSE supplied
expirationTime N dateTime Time of bid expiration Valid time during the trade date
resource K string Resource Valid resource name
WeightedAvgFuelPrice/startTime Y dateTime Start time for WAFP Valid hour boundary
WeightedAvgFuelPrice/endTime Y dateTime End time for WAFP Valid hour boundary
WeightedAvgFuelPrice/price Y float Weighted Average Fuel Price The volume-weighted average intraday, same-day and spot price of fuel

The following is an XML example for an EFC submission:

<BidSet xmlns="">

And the corresponding response:

<ns1:BidSet xmlns:ns1="">
        <ns1:mRID>QSE1.20190313.EFC.RESOURCE_1 </ns1:mRID>
            <ns1:text>Successfully processed the ERCOT Exceptional Fuel Cost.</ns1:text>