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DAM Energy Bid (EB)

DAM Energy Bid (EB)

The following diagram describes the structure of a DAM Energy Bid:

DAM Energy Bid Structure

The PriceCurve structure is identical to the structure described previously in this document. On submission, the following table describes the items used for an EnergyBid:

Element Req? Datatype Description Values
startTime K dateTime Start time for bid Valid start hour boundary for trade date
endTime K dateTime End time for bid Valid end hour boundary for trade date
externalId N string External ID QSE supplied
expirationTime Y dateTime Time of bid expiration Valid time before trade date
sp K string Settlement point Valid settlement point name
bidID1 K string

Bid ID

ERCOT’s preference is for QSEs to submit the same Bid/Offer ID for each hour in the submission, versus submitting a different Bid/Offer ID for every hour.  The market system treats either submission format the exact same way.  The purpose of this is to optimize system performance.

MP supplied bid ID

Value Restrictions:

Only alpha numeric, “_”(underscore) and “-“(dash) are valid characters. First and last character should be alpha numeric.

Min Length: 2chars.

Max Length: 12 chars.

PriceCurve/startTime Y dateTime Start time for curve Valid hour boundary
PriceCurve/endTime Y dateTime End time for curve Valid hour boundary
PriceCurve/curveStyle Y string Used as an indicator to describe the type of ‘curve’ FIXED, VARIABLE or CURVE
PriceCurve/CurveData/xvalue Y float Megawatts Quantity in MW
PriceCurve/CurveData/y1value Y float Price in $/MWh $/MWh
PriceCurve/multiHourBlock N Boolean Indicates if offer must be taken as a block for all hours true or false (default=false)

The following is an XML example for an EnergyBid:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<BidSet xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" ErcotTransactions.xsd">

And the corresponding response:

<ns1:BidSet xmlns:ns1="">
            <ns1:text>Successfully processed the ERCOT Energy-Only Bid.</ns1:text>