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Availability Plan (AVP)

Availability Plan (AVP)

The availability plan is an hourly representation of availability of RMR or Synchronous Condenser units or an hourly representation of the capability of Black Start Resources submitted to ERCOT by QSEs representing RMR Units, Synchronous Condenser Units or Black Start Resources. The following diagram describes the structure of an Availability Plan (AVP):

AVP Structure

The AVP submission contains the resource name and the availabilityType (RMR, SYNCCOND, BLACKSTART and FFSS) and the availabilityStatus of the resource (A for Available and U for Unavailable). If more than one availabilityStatus block is provided, start and end times must not overlap.

AVP submissions can be cancelled. A resubmission of an AVP overwrites the previous submission. On submission, the following table describes the items used for a AVP:

Element Req? Datatype Description Values
startTime N dateTime Start time for AVP Valid start hour boundary for trade date
endTime N dateTime End time for AVP Valid end hour boundary for trade date
externalId N string External ID QSE supplied
resource K string Resource Valid resource name
availabilityType K string Resource Availability Type



availabilityStatus/startTime Y dateTime Start time for status Valid hour boundary
availabilityStatus/endTime Y dateTime End time for status Valid hour boundary
availabilityStatus/status Y dateTime Resource Availability Status A (Available)
U (Unavailable)

The following is an XML example for an AVP:

<BidSet xmlns="">
    <AVP xmlns=""

And the corresponding response:

<ns1:BidSet xmlns:ns1="">