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Market Information

This service is used to request specific types of market-related information. These are read-only interfaces, as opposed to transactional interfaces.

Interfaces Provided

Specific interfaces using specific combinations of verbs and nouns (i.e. payload types) are defined to permit a market participant to programmatically access market information. The verb to be used for requests would in all cases be 'get'. The noun would identify the type of information being requested. Each request could use a message 'Request' package to specify one or more parameters that would qualify the request.

The processing sequence is shown in the following sequence diagram:

    participant A as Market Participant System
    participant B as ERCOT External Interfaces
    participant C as ERCOT Integration Layer
    participant D as ERCOT Market Systems
    A->>B: Request (get,noun)
    B-)B: authentication
    B->>C: Request (get,noun)
    C-)C: authorize
    C-)D: Process Request
    D--)C: reply
    C->>B: Response (reply,noun,payload)
    B->>A: Response (reply,noun,payload)

Interfaces Required

The messages for market information requests would use the following message fields:

Message Element Value
Header/Verb get
Header/Noun Name of payload type
Header/Source Market participant ID
Header/UserID ID of user
Request/? Optional: Other request parameters may be specified as needed
Payload Message payload data with type defined by Noun

The corresponding response messages would use the following message fields:

Message Element Value
Header/Verb reply
Header/Noun Defined payload type name
Header/Source ERCOT
Reply/ReplyCode Reply code, success=OK, error=ERROR or FATAL
Reply/Error May be any number of error messages
Payload Defined payload type

In the cases of payloads that would otherwise exceed 1 megabyte, the payloads would be zipped, base64 encoded and stored within the 'Payload/Compressed' tag.