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Startup and Shutdown Instructions

Startup and Shutdown Instructions

This section describes interfaces used to retrieve unit startup and shutdown instructions. The request message would use the following message fields:

Message Element Value
Header/Verb get
Header/Noun StartupShutdownInstructions
Header/Source Market participant ID
Header/UserID ID of user
Request/MarketType Market Type (HRUC or DRUC)
Request/TradingDate Trading date
Request/Option Optional: Hour Ending (Required for HRUC) [1]

To request for repeating hour on long day(DST change day), Hour Ending value should be 2*.

The corresponding response messages would use the following message fields:

Message Element Value
Header/Verb reply
Header/Noun StartupShutdownInstructions
Header/Source ERCOT
Reply/ReplyCode Reply code, success=OK, error=ERROR or FATAL
Reply/Error Error message, if error encountered
Payload/ StartupShutdownInstructions

The payload structure is described by the following diagram:

StartupShutdownInstructions Structure

StartupShutdown Structure

For each startup or shutdown instruction, the following elements are provided:

  • RUC type (DRUC, HRUC)

  • RUC Ending hour for the instructions. On long day(DST change day), hourEnding is represented as 2* for repeating hour.

  • Delivery date

  • Resource name

  • Cleared commit

  • Cleared decommit

  • Reason code for decommit

  • Report Generation Time

The following is an XML example:

<StartupShutdownInstructions xmlns=""
        <deliveryDate>2007-07-25</deliveryDate>    <resource>Resource1</resource>
        <decommitReasonCode>50 characters of free form text</decommitReasonCode>

[1]The hour ending specified in the StartupShutdownInstruction request is the hour the report was *generated*, not the hour that the report is awarding. Therefore, the report returned can contain multiple hours as one HRUC run is capable of awarding more than one hour of the day.