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The Get AwardedCRR interface provides the means for a market participant to obtain awarded CRRs from the DAM market, not the CRR auction. The following parameters are specified in the RequestMessage:

Message Element Value
Header/Verb get
Header/Noun AwardedCRR
Header/Source Market participant ID
Header/UserID ID of user
Request/TradingDate Trading date

The corresponding response messages would use the following message fields:

Message Element Value
Header/Verb reply
Header/Noun AwardedCRR
Header/Source ERCOT
Reply/ReplyCode Reply code, success=OK, error=ERROR or FATAL
Reply/Error Error message, if error encountered
Payload/AwardSet AwardedCRR

An AwardedCRR is returned in the payload of the ResponseMessage using the following structure:

AwardedCRR Structure

The following table describes the AwardedCRR elements.

Element Datatype Description Values
qse string Participant ID
startTime DateTime Start time for the award Valid award dateTime
endTime DateTime End time for the award Valid award dateTime
tradingDate Date Award date Valid award date
marketType string Market type DAM
awardedMW Float Awarded quantity Awarded MW
price Float Awarded Price
source string Source settlement point Valid settlement point name
sink string Sink settlement point Valid settlement point name
crrId string CRR ID ID of CRR
offerId string Offer ID QSE supplied
crrOwnerName string CRR Owner

The following is an XML example: